Configuring Easy Feedback

The Easy Feedback configuration window can be opened from Edit -> Project Settings -> Easy Feedback Form. Before authenticating with Trello, it will have few options. For help authenticating with Trello, see Authorizing with Trello.

Log out of Trello

Clears the current Trello API token, effectively logging Easy Feedback out of the currently authenticated Trello account.

New Board

Displays the “New Board” window, which creates a new feedback board on the authenticated Trello account.

Refresh Boards

Updates the local board information cache. Useful for when you’ve made changes to your feedback board outside of the Unity editor.

Feedback Board

The board on your account that all reports from Easy Feedback will be sent to. Only feedback boards will be listed here.

Subscribe to board

Whether or not the authenticated user is subscribed to the current feedback board. Depending on your settings, subscribing to a board will give you alerts when cards are added to the board.


Changes to your subscribed state on Trello will change the value of this toggle.

Store Locally

If checked, reports will not be sent to Trello, and will instead be stored on the local machine.

Default: unchecked


This is the only setting available in the configuation window when not authenticated with Trello. All others require authentication. See Authorizing with Trello for more help.