Getting Started

Authorizing with Trello


After adding the asset package to your project, you’ll need to authorize Easy Feedback with Trello. To do this, open the Easy Feedback configuration window at Edit -> Project Settings -> Easy Feedback Form in the toolbar, and click “Get Trello API Token.”

If you are using Unity 5.0 or above, you’ll be presented with a window prompting you to log in to Trello. If you are using Unity 5 or below, you’ll be directed to your browser to authorize.


It is highly recommended that you create a new account for use with Easy Feedback, as an API key with write permission for the account is used to make changes to your feedback board, and will be included with builds of your project.


After logging in, click “Allow” to allow Easy Feedback to use your account.

Copy the token given to you on the next page, paste it in the “Token” field in the configuration window, then click “Authenticate With Token.” Easy Feedback will now finish the authentication process, and load your Trello information.

Setting up a feedback board

If this is your first time using Easy Feedback on this account, you won’t have any boards. To set up a new board, click “New Board.”


In the window that appears, enter the name of your new feedback board, then click “Create Board.”

Your new board will now be available in the “Feedback Board” dropdown. If this is the first board for your account, it will be selected by default. You’ll also be able to find the new board on your Trello account!

../_images/NewBoardTrello.png ../_images/NewBoardLists.png

Easy Feedback is now all configured and ready to go! If all went well, the configuration window should now look something like this:


Adding the form to a scene

To add the form to a scene, simply drag the Feedback prefab into the scene.

If there isn’t one already, add an EventSystem to the scene as well. To add an EventSystem, select Game Object -> UI -> Event System in the toolbar.

That’s all you need to get started! Try running your project and submitting a report. If everything went well, your new report should appear on your feedback board!